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I know this is Valentine’s Day and I realize it makes me a bit of a curmudgeon to not write some touchy-feely-sappy piece about how love makes the world go ’round.  It seems to be …

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I always hated being the new kid. I never liked that vulnerable and exposed feeling of standing there in front of a new class, book bag in hand and eyes on the floor, knowing the …

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Refine me as silver, Lord. Make me your own
Mold me and shape me  from your righteous throne
Jesus, my Savior, my trust is in you
To take this old sinner and make something new
Without you, …

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I love all the new beginnings God offers us.  But I hadn’t spent much time studying “The Beginning” until now.  Recently (and quite accidentally,) I have found myself smack dab in the middle of a huge and …

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We all love a happy ending, don’t we?  Our world is rich with amazing books and stories and songs and films.  We love their brutal battles and their twisty plots.  We love their valiant victories, hard-learned lessons, …

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Ever since I was little, I have been a sparkle and shine kind of girl.

I am not a total froo-froo, but I do love pretty, shiny things. I especially love pretty, shiny little houses.  And since …

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I have so very much in my life to be thankful for.  It would take hours to list off all the ways God has blessed me; all those tangible little things I’ve been given to enjoy …

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I guess I didn’t realize Arkansas was pretty.  No offense if you are from there, but anytime someone mentioned Arkansas, I immediately pictured Bubbas and banjos and that old creepy movie Deliverance. So I was surprised to …

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I’m finding out that I can sometimes be a pretty petty person.  This is a devastating thing to know about yourself.

I don’t tolerate pettiness well in other people; in fact, it is a personal pet-peeve.  …

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I wait all year long for that morning; when the world somehow shifts outside my window, and overnight, a brand new world blows in. 

Some people’s favorite day is Christmas, or their birthday, or some …

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