I would still consider myself a “baby-Christian.” I have not been doing this Jesus thing all that long. I am struggling still with some of the qualities that go with Christianity; things like patience, virtue, and self-control. I practiced life for a pretty long time the other way, so such Godly attributes do not come as naturally as I would like.

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Gypsy Soul_Page_1

There’s glory on the mountain;
there’s singing in the sea
He leads me closer to truly free
He fills the canyons this world built in me
He heals my gypsy soul.
He heals my gypsy soul.
He heals my gypsy soul.
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no laughing matter

Every September, my hubby and I pack up all our gear and set off for a week in the mountains.  To us, there is nothing more healing than that week of quiet; nothing more likely to salve the rough spots of our souls that the world has rubbed raw.   And every year on this trip, I have what many people would call a “mountaintop experience” (pun intended.)   God meets me in those mountains and ministers to me through all He has created and the resulting rare quiet in my soul.

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god shaped hole


 I’ve stitched life together with fear-colored thread

trying to mend my own pain

stood back and admired my own handiwork

just until the wound opened again

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daugher of the king

Grace, now sufficient for my sin

It covers me. It quiets

all these voices from within

The people that I used to be

they fight against your will

But your love keeps them still

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 Listen to a rough recording by CONVINCED

good friday - Copy

Who am I

that you’d suffer and die

That your innocent blood would let

So that I’d be redeemed

and now be free

To be the person I am not yet

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