I am a lover of music.

bass, melody, rhythm, harmony, chorus, song

Music is my “thin space;” that place where God feels so impossibly close and so real that I am momentarily made completely whole.

For me, music is joy and grief and healing and God, all set to the very rhythm that my heart beats to.

Because I find God in music, I can be healed by a hymn when my heart aches.

I can waltz to the whispered words and melody of marriage.  I can rock out to redemption. I can dare to dance as David did.

And I can chorus with community- all of us lifting our voices in a sweet symphony that carries to the heavens.

Music is where I am touched the most and healed the most.

Music is where  I am free the most and me the most. It is where I am who I want to be.

I want to live a life so full of song that it makes me dance.

Oh, to capture that feeling forever and live permanently in a lyric, a bridge, a melody;

to always have a heart is so full and so healed that I can feel the angels dancing inside me.

I am a lover of music.




 here are my favorite musicians and lyrics…


Yes, I know this is a Christian site.  But many different types of music speak to me for a million different reasons and you already know where to find the hymns.  Besides, I like to find the spiritual element in everything (and it is nearly always there somewhere). So this will be a more random collection of sorts, with each song somehow playing  one chord on the soundtrack of my journey.  God’s word and love is in each and every one of these songs; think of it as a spiritual lyrical treasure hunt.  ♥

 I will change these out from time to time and please note that I DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO ANY OF THIS MUSIC!

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Mumford & Sons

I am officially stalking these guys!  Best writing I have heard in years and years and years and years.  Lyrics lean to the spiritual side and will take you all the way home if you let them.  Plus I am digging their Irish-jig-meets-mosh-pit sound.  It’s a jam session and worship experience  all at once.


iwillwait-290x290 (1)

 i will wait video (click here)

And I’ll kneel down -Wait for now -I’ll kneel down -Know my ground

Raise my hands – Paint my spirit gold – And bow my head – Keep my heart slow

‘Cause I will wait, I will wait for you – And I will wait, I will wait for you



after the storm video (click here)

And there will come a time, you’ll see, with no more tears

And love will not break your heart, but dismiss your fears

Get over your hill and see what you find there

With grace in your heart and flowers in your hair



hopeless wanderer video (click here)

But hold me fast.  Hold me fast ‘Cause I’m a hopeless wanderer

And hold me fast. Hold me fast ‘Cause I’m a hopeless wanderer

I will learn.  I will learn to love the skies I’m under

I will learn.  I will learn to love the skies I’m under,  the skies I’m under



Willie Nelson

Willie is and always will be my favorite songwriter and my hero.  is he really the best songwriter of all time?   maybe not.   but then again, maybe he is.  because every time I hear that very first trigger-picked chord, my heart is in its happy place.  no other singer/songwriter has brought me more peace and comfort over the years. and no voice heals me or settles my soul like Willie’s.   And let’s be honest, it would take an entire website to load all the songs and lyrics of his that I love, so just go buy every album he ever made (i recommend vinyl) and especially anything gospel.

Willie is always, always, always playing on the jukebox in my head. Here’s is what is stuck on repeat for me right now.

If you would not have fallen, I would not have found you, Angel flying too close to the ground.


And I’d have to be weird to grow me a beard just to see what the rednecks would do
But I’d have to be crazy, plumb out of my mind, to fall out of love with you





here is a collection of random lyrics and songs I love

I will change these out from time to time too. You’ll notice I tend to get stuck on an artist for awhile then  move on.  I’m the fickle sort.

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We’re like good times that haven’t happened yet but will.

40 Dogs, Bob Schneider


Baby’s gonna change her life, she’s made up her mind

She’s leaving her girls behind and her lovers unkind

 Crazy Mary, look back and you’re done

Just hold on and run. You’re on your way home

Ain’t nothin’ gonna break you down Mary. I’m on your side

Nobody can touch you now Mary, though troubles won’t pass you by…

Beautiful, Big Head Todd & The Monsters


These are the days by the sparkling river

His timely grace and our treasured find

This is the love of the one great magician

Turned water into wine

These are the Days, Van Morrison


What’s so funny is nobody’s laughing at this change of heart you’re having

What’s so funny is I’m filled up with thunder.  And I can’t seem to get out from under all these stones that you’ve tied to my chest

Changing Your Mind, Bob Schneider


Though she refused to hear me, may I telepathically remind her

that I long for her as the sailors for the sea

Or the tall trees for the morning sun

I wanna be your only one

Beautiful, Big Head Todd & The Monsters


I’m just an old chunk of coal. But I’m gonna be a diamond someday…

Billy Joe Shaver


It took a long long time to get here

It took a brave, brave girl to try

It took one too many excuses, one too many lies

Don’t be surprised, don’t be surprised

Brand New Me, Alicia Keys


There’s a chapel in Minneapolis that holds the bones of a dead saint in it

and the stained glass glows from the ceiling there

it reminds me of the feeling where

i first looked into your eyes and saw the most beautiful birds fly

straight into the sun with their wings on fire and the deed was done

Changing Your Mind, Bob Schneider


Said, “I’m older now” I work in the city we live together

But it’s different than my dream

Morning light fills the room. I rise, and she pretends she’s sleeping

Are we everything we wanted?

Bittersweet, Big Head Todd & The Monsters



Whatever it takes to fulfill his mission, that is the way we must go

But you’ve got to do it your own way; Tear down the old, bring up the new

And up on the hillside its quiet where the shepherd is tending his sheep

And over the mountains and the valleys, the countryside is so green

Standing on the highest hill with a sense of wonder, you can see everything is made in God

Head back down the roadside and give thanks for it all

When will I ever learn to live in God? When will I ever learn?

He gives me everything I need and more

When will I ever learn?

When Will I Ever Learn to Live in God, Van Morrison


…it’s been so long since she didn’t feel bad, not spending all the time making people feel sad.

No more now, she’s made up her mind. Put on that old dress and get herself looking real fine

All up in the club drinking Hennessey, Oh my what a mess I must confess that

All right, let your hair down – Let your heart pound -Let the light in, let the light in

Let the light in let the light in – Let the light in let the light in

Let the light in again

Let the Light In, Bob Schneider


 Rolling River God

Little stones are smooth only once the water passes through

So I am a stone, rough and grainy still

Trying to reconcile this river’s chill

But when I close my eyes and feel you rushing by

I know that time brings change and change takes time

And when the sunset comes my prayer would be just one

that you might pick me up and notice that I am just a little smoother in your hand

River God, Nichole Nordeman


There is a universe that can’t be seen

It’s just a feeling if you know what I mean

A delectable dimension undetectable by sight

It’ll fill up your heart in the dead of the night…

The world exploded into love all around me

The world exploded into love all around me

And everytime I take a look around me

I have to smile

The World Exploded Into Love, Bob Schneider


Guess I could have made it easier on myself

 But I, I could never follow.  No I, I could never follow

Well, I never seem to do it like anybody else

Maybe someday, someday I’m gonna settle down

If you ever want to find me I can still be found

Taking the long way, Taking the long way around

Taking the long way, Taking the long way around

Taking the Long Way Around, The Dixie Chicks

Gravity is working against me

And gravity wants to bring me down…

…Oh gravity, stay the hell away from me

And gravity has taken better men than me

Now how can that be?

Just keep me where the light is

Gravity, John Mayer


share your favorite songs and lyrics and the melodies God sings in your heart.

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