I am a lover of world.

Nature, people, animals, the hand of God…

We live in a broken world, this is true.

There is suffering and deception and sadness and sickness and “the world” will tell us lies and lead us astray if we let it.

And yet our world is also strangely strong and beautiful- so full of hope

and passion and faith and truth, even in the face of all that brokenness.

It is the place where we are all both shattered and healed-

stripped down to nothing and then driven to truth, which is everything.

The world is the place where God moves in and through us;

where His hand extends, always open, to His very own people.

It is where his craftsmanship is tangible in nature, and his love is present in community.

World is the enemy of God and yet the very reason He exists.

It is where we all seek and fight and love and discover Him together;

bound as His creation and united in a quest for something more.

I am a lover of world.


welcome to my world



Oh is our life just an illusion? There is no need to figure it out.
The separation exists not in your love filled heart, but only in your mind
The real story’s all around you. Even now it surrounds you.  Even now I feel the power.
The world exploded into love all around me.  
The world exploded into love all around me.
And every time I take a look around me, I have to smile.
Click to Hear: The World Exploded All Around Me by Bob Schneider


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  O Lord my God, when I in awesome wonder, consider all the worlds thy hands have made,
I see the stars, I hear the rolling thunder; Thy power throughout the universe displayed
 Click to hear: How Great Thou Art by Stuart K. Hine (as performed by Carrie Underwood)



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